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Display the RSS feeds of your choice on your website

(RSSwebReader example)

RSSwebReader works on any website and is free

With the RSSwebReader you can display the headlines of a maximum of four RSS feeds on your website. You can use any RSS feed you want to display fresh free content. The RSSwebReader works on any website and can easily be configured in the style you want. Websites with no ability to run server-side scripts can still display the RSS feeds with the RSSwebReader.

Add RSS News Feeds to Your Website in four easy steps

Step 1 download the zip-file.

Step 2 extract the files to the directory where the page, on which you want the RSSwebReader to appear, is located.

Step 3 configure the RSSwebReader in the file RSSwebReader.txt

Use the RSS feeds of your choice. You can find RSS feeds on this site (choose your country in the menu) or on many other websites.

Configuration of RSSwebReader.txt:

&RSSHEAD1=tab header for first RSS feed
&RSS1=URL of first RSS feed
&RSSHEAD2=tab header for second RSS feed
&RSS2=URL of second RSS feed
&RSSHEAD3=tab header for third RSS feed
&RSS3=URL of third RSS feed
&RSSHEAD4=tab header for fourth RSS feed
&RSS4=URL of fourth RSS feed
&BACKGROUND=Background color, use a RGB hexadecimal color (6 characters)

Step 4 put the javascript code in your webpage where you want the RSSwebReader to appear.

Javascript code to use:

Optional steps

Change the style
You can change the style of the tab headers and RSS headlines by changing the stylesheet RSSwebReader.css.

Change the size of the RSSwebreader
The size of the reader can be adjusted, you can change the width and height in the javascript code.

Less RSS feeds
If you want less RSS feeds in your reader, leave the RSSHEAD fields, you don’t want to use, blank and put the same RSS URL in the tabs you don’t want to use.

RSS to javascript converter
Convert any RSS feed to javascript by directly entering the web address.
Put the generated javascript code on your site to display the RSS feed.

URL Enter the web address of the RSS Feed

Number of items to display.

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